About Us

We're a family run Canadian provider of parts, gear and custom solutions for riders of all types. We try to offer a more bespoke, less volume driven business than some. If you're worried about the suitability of a part, how to fit it etc, drop us a line before you order and we'll get back to you. No pressure for a sale.

We're riders, mechanics and tuners that have worked in every field from drag racing to servicing. (Some of us are nerds that run the site -but we still have bikes!) We're leveraging our years in the motorcycle business to give other riders access to great deals on the parts and accessories they want. Our online catalogue is growing all the time. If you don't see what you want, just let us know and we'll try to get it for you. We love to ride and we especially love it on well maintained and sweet running machines. We specialize in bundles of products such as service bundles for a particular machine. Drop us a line anytime if you need a few products and we'll get back to you with a bespoke quote.

By buying from a Canadian supplier you know that you can have faster delivery and not have to worry about duties and broker fees. Give us a try